Donald Trump received all the headlines but he wasn’t the only big winner on election night. Cannabis legalization achieved a historic landslide. Finally, people are seeing the unquestionable benefits of cannabis use. Viewing this cbg vs cbd will provide you with further insight into why this decision should be welcomed.

Here are the results from every state with marijuana legalization on the ballot:

California: Recreational Marijuana LEGALIZED

The first state to outlaw marijuana finally got around to legalizing it for more than just medical patients. The polarizing Prop 64 passed with 56% approval, instantly creating America’s largest market for cannabis products — some estimates say California retail sales alone could double the country’s current cannabis-related revenue figure. Many consider this to be the tipping point the nation has been barreling towards.

Massachusetts: Recreational Marijuana LEGALIZED

The battle grew uglier as election day approached, but in the end the results weren’t close. Massachusetts voters approved Question 4 (to legalize marijuana recreationally) at a 54% clip. Cannabis is already permitted for medical use, and a commission will be created to regulate recreational use “in a manner similar to alcoholic beverages.”

Nevada: Recreational Marijuana LEGALIZED

54.5% of Nevadans approved Question 2 (to legalize recreational marijuana) for adults over 21. Medical marijuana was legalized in the state back in 2000.

Montana: Medical Marijuana EXPANDED

57% of Montana voters supported Montana’s I-182, which allows providers to serve unlimited patients, adds PTSD to the list of eligible conditions, and allows for lab testing of marijuana. In addition, providers will now be subject to annual health department inspections.

Maine: Recreational Marijuana LEGALIZED

It took until 2:45 PM EST on Thursday to count the votes, but Maine residents prevailed in approving Question 1 (to legalize recreational marijuana), reports the AP. With 99% of precincts reporting, fewer than 3,000 votes had separated the YES and NO tallies.

Arizona: Recreational Marijuana REMAINS ILLEGAL

The cannabis movement’s only setback on election night occurred when marijuana in Arizona was rejected. Residents shot down Proposition 205 (52% voting against), which would’ve legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older. Medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 1996 with citizens being about to use products like the best CBD oil picks by HerbMighty. But residents can now learn techniques such as how to microdose weed and perform these actions legally.

Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota: Medical Marijuana LEGALIZED

Baby steps for the states above, but at least those toddler booties are headed in the right direction. Legalizing medical marijuana in Arkansas is a particularly notable benchmark for the cannabis community, as a similar law narrowly failed in 2012 (49% of voters approved).

Now the only question is how the election of Trump will affect marijuana’s momentum, which is stronger than ever.

We’ll follow up shortly with a deep dive into each state’s unique road ahead.