Despite cannabis being legal for adults to consume in a growing number of states, according to ROOSTER not a single major employer has adjusted its testing policy to accommodate weed-consuming workers. (There are, of course, a handful of proud weed-encouraging startups in the budding cannabis tech industry.)

These stodgy employers’ outdated policies are no doubt causing them to miss out on quality, inspired talent. Unsurprisingly, NORML is looking to give them a hand.

The marijuana advocacy group’s Denver chapter is developing a new citizen-led cannabis-friendly drug test campaign. During an unveiling of the plan at Denver’s Cultivated Synergy, executive director Jordan Person told ROOSTER:

“You’ve got way more to worry about with someone coming in all hungover and half awake than you do with someone on trace metabolites of marijuana. […] Really intelligent people who might be the best graphic designers or coders on the planet, but because they have daily nausea, they use marijuana, so they don’t go for the job.”

NORML’s campaign will include coordination from chapters in weed-legal states Oregon, Washington, and California. Colorado’s NORML will formally begin lobbying on Colorado’s Capitol Hill on March 7.