If you’re a person who hopes marijuana is one day treated with the same workplace reverence as the breathlessly exalted coffee — and if you’re reading this site, there’s a good chance you are — we’ve got a fun development for you.

A handful of companies, mostly in the budding cannabis tech space, are not only allowing their employees to get high at work — they’re openly encouraging it.

CNNMoney reports that companies including pot-centric Denver social networks MassRoots (follow us!) and High There! have watched their employees achieve major creative breakthroughs during company-sanctioned smoke sessions. In fact, MassRoots founder Isaac Dietrich owes his entire company to a imagination-churning pot session. He told CNN, “I thought up MassRoots when I was smoking weed in my college friend’s apartment.”

Kyle Sherman, co-founder of Flowhub, which provides software to cannabis companies and counts MassRoots as a stakeholder, has allowed employees to consume marijuana via edibles and beverages (smoking is prohibited in their building) since day one. His logic follows that of MassRoots and High There!:

“Our philosophy at Flowhub is to get s*** done,” said Sherman. “If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.”

“It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things,” said Sherman.

Might we be closer than we think to a morning when Janet from HR brushes past us with a hasty wave and a “Don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my weed yet”?