The Number Of NFL Players Who Use Marijuana Before Games May Surprise You

Eugene Monroe via Weediquette

ESPN polled 226 current NFL players about marijuana use, uncovering a number of surprising data points.

In addition to some damning opinions about legalization, the effectiveness of painkillers vs. cannabis, and how easy it is to beat the NFL’s testing system, the poll revealed that 22% of players have known a teammate to use marijuana before a game. Though there are thousands of people that visit missouri marijuana doctors regularly for medical marijuana and its health benefits, the NFL’s drug regulations strictly prohibit the use of cannabis by its athletes.

The full report is worth a read, but ESPN tweeted the best bits here:

The survey aligns with this week’s fascinating ESPN The Magazine‘s profile of former NFL player Eugene Monroe’s cannabis crusade and a feature about NBA players lobbying for legalization on The Undefeated (another ESPN property).

Marijuana use rarely receives fair, thoughtful coverage from the mainstream sports media. Could this be, with so many states having legalization initiatives on next week’s ballots, a well-timed turning point?