via Sports Illustrated

According to a landmark study conducted by Yahoo News and Marist, more than two-thirds of American adults support pro athletes using marijuana to manage the pain they sustain on the field.

Of the 1,122 adults who participated in the survey, 69% answered positively to the following question: “Do you approve or disapprove of a professional sports athlete using marijuana for pain?” Among Americans 70 or older, the approval rating dips to 52%, a slimmer majority.

When asked if they would have more or less respect for their favorite athlete if they were found to use marijuana in their personal life, 68% of the adults polled chose “Makes no difference.” 28% said “less respect,” while 3% said “more respect.”

Most major sports leagues — including the NBA, NFL, and MLB — punish positive drug tests with fines and/or suspensions.

The image above is from Sports Illustrated‘s fantastic short doc about Ricky Williams’s post-NFL life, Ricky Williams Takes The High Road. Watch here:

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