Through two seasons, VICELAND’s Weediquette has quickly established itself as the cannabis community’s best visual storytelling mechanism, diving deep into emergent issues facing pot culture and its constituents.

The docu-series returns Wednesday night, and to promote the new season host Krishna Andavolu participated in a revealing Q&A with his VICE overlords, discussing what he’s learned, the future of weed, and where the series will go in season three. The interview is worth your time.

Here’s what to expect during the first half of the season, courtesy of Krishna:

The first episode is about deportations, and how even if you’re a legal resident of the country and you get caught with marijuana in places where it’s illegal, thanks to the system of information sharing between local and federal authorities you can be deported. We follow the story of a family who’s been split apart as the result of a pot arrest…”

“The second episode is about parents who are finding success in treating their autistic kids with cannabis, struggling to access pot and breaking the law with them as they do it.”

“The third story is about the unintended consequences of legalization, and how the flow of pot has stopped going from Mexico and South America into the US, but instead from California to New York.”

“The fourth story is about stoned driving, which is a really interesting intellectual conundrum when it comes to what it means to be stoned. Is being high an impairment? The short answer is yes, it can be—but finding what that limit is and punishing people accordingly is very difficult.”


If there’s an overarching theme for the season, Krishna says it’s resistance: “Resisting counterfactual arguments and trying to understand what pot means in that context.”

Weediquette returns to VICELAND April 19 and runs every Wednesday. Watch previous episodes at Here’s a trailer for season three:

The fight for legalization isn't over. Season 3 of WEEDIQUETTE begins April 19.

Posted by VICELAND on Thursday, March 16, 2017